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Through my paintings, I want to open the viewers eyes to the beauty that surrounds us in ordinary objects and the small intimate places. It may be a beautiful flower, the bounty of produce the sparkle of glass or even the cast offs at the back door that catch my eye. I often choose to do close-ups in a larger than life scale so as to bring into focus the everyday things in life and cause the audience to stop a minute and consider these things for their own sake.

As I paint, my emphasis is on the patterns created by light and shadow, color and line and the translucent quality of the watercolor medium. These comprise the abstract pieces that make up the representational whole of the painting. I use a rather controlled and detailed approach to my work, usually working from photographs that I take. I employ the technique of layered washes and glazes because it enables me to achieve a depth and brilliance of color which stimulates the eye and best captures the intensity and luminosity of color that I see.

I hope to cause us all to look for beauty, to focus on it and consider what a unique and wonderful gift it is and to go forth with a new appreciation for everything around us.


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